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WORK ORDER FORM - send this with your cue


Cue Refinishing

Refinish butt and 6" above joint on one shaft $100.00
Extra shafts sent with cue (6" up from the joint) $25.00 each
Refinish shaft only 6" up from the joint (not with butt section) $30.00
Refinish only above the wrap (forearm) $60.00
Refinish only below the wrap (butt sleeve) $60.00
Refinish wrapless cues add $25.00
Finish over Irish linen (ex. like most Meucci's) NOTE: if its solid white the price is $70.00 $45.00
Repair damages to cue (call or e-mail for prices)


Clean and Reseal shaft (removes dirt and dings) $20.00
Fix large broken grain dents in shaft $5 to $15
Reduce shaft diameter and reseal $25.00
Lengthen taper $20.00
Extra shafts made starting at $165.00
Cue Tips
Elkmaster - Soft $12.00
LePro - Medium  $12.00
Triumph - Medium with backing pad $12.00
Triangle - Medium Hard $13.00
Water Buffalo - Hard $13.00
Everest $30.00
Talisman $25.00
Samsara Break Tip $25.00
Sniper $35.00
Moori $32.50
Kamui Black (add $5 for clear) $45.00
Customer Supplied Tip $17.00

*Take $5.00 off any of these tips with a ferrule installation.

Ferrules - others might be available

Ivorine $30.00
Aegis $30.00
Fiber - usually found on house cues $20.00
Ivory $85.00

Irish Linen wraps - $40.00

Many other colors not pictured available upon request...
Black w/ White specs White w/ Green specs
White w/ Black specs Solid Black
White w/ Double Black specs Black w/ Green specs
White w/ Brown specs Black w/ Red specs
White w/ Double Brown specs Solid White (coat overs) add $70.00
Brown w/ White specs *special color orders add $10.00

Other wrap services

Clean and repress existing linen / cortland wrap - $25.00                                         
Restore / dye existing leather wrap (black only) - $25.00
Finish over Irish Linen (ex. like most Meucci's) - add $45.00

Leather Wraps

Leather Wraps - $100.00
(lightly textured black, smooth black)

Lizard Wraps
black, brown, cognac, and wine (others available)


Escrow Service

Escrow and Inspection Service....... $50.00
(add $10 for international escrow)

    So many times in this internet industry you can find yourself in a deal that you wish that you hadn't bought into, I have been there myself.  Customers call us up and we discuss cues that they see on the internet, because everyone knows that the internet is the cheapest way to buy cues.  One of the things that usually happens in internet buying is that you see a far away picture or a vague description of the cue and you are not really sure what you are buying.  Our customers ask us what we think of a cue and we cannot answer them from a picture or description  unless we have it our hands.    The service that Proficient Billiards offers involves the buyer or seller contacting us (usually the buyer) and requesting an inspection.  Anyone who is trying to sell a cue that doesn't have any problems or issues will have no problem having a 3rd party look over the cue.....  if the seller does, then you have to ask yourself what kind of deal you are really in.

What we do......

  • Accept guaranteed payment of $50 + return shipping charges (for when the cue leaves here) from either the buyer or seller
  • Receive payment from the buyer (made out to the seller) and Receive the cue
  • Take a series of detailed pictures (we have the latest in digital photographic equipment)
  • Weigh and measure the shaft sizes
  • Look over the cue for damages and general condition
  • Email both parties the pictures and details of the inspection
  • Upon approval... package and ship the cue to the buyer and send payment to the seller
  • Upon non approval... package and ship the cue back to the seller and send the payment back to the buyer

What we do not do......

  • Accept personal checks for this service, (money orders, certified checks, Master Card, and Visa only) as a disappointed seller could stop payment on a check
  • Refund the payment of $50 if no deal is consummated
  • Estimate what the cue is worth (the deal is between the buyer and seller)
  • Correspond with either the seller or the buyer alone (all emails are sent to both parties)


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